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Katie's War Thought
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I created this journal because my political views did not fit with some of the people on my friends list. I didn't want to lose some of the people on that list to a political argument. I felt like I needed to have an outlet for my political views on this war and on other things. Hopefully this will work.

I am very much Pro-war and very much a Republican. If either of these statements bother you please don't read this journal. I do not want to fight with people this was the original reason for creating this separate journal.

While this is a community in the technical sense I only made it a community so that I could post without having to change users on my livejournal client.

Feel free to read and comment no matter what your political association is but please do not verbally attack me. If you do you will be banned from commenting.

Thanks and have a nice day!! ~flirtykatiegurl

So Sad But So True:

May their souls requiescat in pace:

Sorry to say it but at times it seems that this is true: